Thursday, October 28, 2010

Parser Convertor

Your Blogspot Ads Code Parser Convertor

Convert Your Adsense, Adbrite, Chitika, AdEngage and other JavaScripts Ads Code Before Insert It Into Your Blogger HTML Template.

This is the Parser Tool to converting any code such as Ads Code (javascript etc) at your Blog Below Title, Middle Placement Of Post, Bottom Post etc.

You can't direct insert any original code inside the blog template, even you are try to insert counter, tracker, form, snippest, image html, date and time etc which is BASED on JavaScript or HTML.

This Is Free Online Auto Parser Convertor Tool
Webmaster Malaysian provided you the JavaScript/HTML Parser Online Tool for you to parsing your Ads Code which to be work at your Blog Template. This tools will convert any code to be Friendly Code, and it will not affect your basic/orginal code or change your code, it just do the converting only which to SUPPORT tag format.

Step Used On This Online Parser Convertor Tool
1.) Copy your any original code (the code you want to do parsing)
2.) Paste it the Text Box Area.
3.) Click "Parser Now" button to INSTALY convert your Original Code
4.) The "New" button is mean to CLEAR all the code which is display at Text Box Area.
5.) Go to your Blog Template Area, COPY the parser code and PASTE it at the area which you prefer.

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