Saturday, September 25, 2010

Online Word Counter Tool

We have post this FREE Online Word Counter to help and assists the visitors and our advertisers, this is the tool to counting how many WORDING you are typing.

If you frequently have work at online Classified Ads, Forum, Article, Content Ads Post etc, you can meet up this two type problem.

"Character Limitation Error"
"Words Limitation Error".

Nowday you not need have many times to launch the word processor to find how many words you are type. Time is money, save the hard work, and used the easy Online Words Counter Tool to find out how many words are contain.

To count how many characters you have click here.

To count how many wording you are typing, used below count box to calculate it.

Different of Character and Word
1.) Character - can mean like alphabets, numberics, symbols e.g A, B, C, 1,

2.) Word - is mean the combination of character to become as one word, e.g "Malaysian Global Business" is 3 words, but the characters is "25"

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