Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Business Card Advertisement Title Limit

Blogger Title is have limitation character, if you have used the Blog at Blogspot or Blogger, then your Title (also called Title Link) should carefully do selection. Basically your title character maximum is "36", but still depend on the domain name you choice at, e.g. http://yourname.blogspot.com. You can choose over than 36 character, but is not highly recomended and good idea for SEO optimization.

This post is specially for this blog "Business Card Advertisement", if you are one of this Advertiser subscribe on this Advertisement program. Maximum character for your Business Title Link is only "36".
Try choose more related to your business advertisement content, try to make it shortly. E.g "malaysia online printing provider" is good for SEO Title, "we provided online printing service" is not much google title. "Malaysia (is specifiy where you from), Online Printing (what your business categories or type etc), Provider (who you are, what your providing etc).

You can see other Online Advertiser's how used they keyword, and giving yourself have idea. But try to make it different as possible for your Title Link, the same title is difficult to be top 10 search listing, except your description and content are very capture and usedful for visitors, user, and search engine.

Then come to your Business Title Brieft (short description - Character limit is 200) for your "Business Title Link", your description must be suited or related to your Business Title, the description explain which not match to the Title is dangerous, and visitor also hate for the description content which they are not looking for from search result, and final could come be spamming, or kick down by search engine.

Business Card Shout Ads (character limit is 500) is purposely for you to say "what you want tell to everyone" about your business card business industry, products, sevicing, purposely, and even your business categories, type, field.

Business Marketplace or Relationship (no limit), is let your Online Visitor more easy understand and to specify what your main purposely on this advertisement, you are looking for Global Francise, Invitation Global Market user together with your business opportunity etc, providing the factory production, and more etc.

Business Description (character limit is 2000), do more long description on your business, or on this business card advertising. The visitors is like to understand who you are, and what are you trying to sell and do before they direct contact you.

Business Solution Provided (character limit is 2000), Is good idea let the users understand what your business solution provided to your own market, and clients. Only specify the solution which suited to your business industry, categories, type, field and service.

You can visit this Business Card Advertisement On Blog for more details, and if you are interested to become as our Advertisers. Here is other community for this online program Business Card Advertisement On Site.

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